Welcome to Joyride K9 Dog Training, based in Southern California.

All of my training business is centered around the sport of K9 Nose Work
. I am teaching classes and clinics locally in the Los Angeles area and travel a bit to bring the sport to other regions as Senior Faculty with NACSW™. I am also a Certifying Official and Trial Judge. If you're interested in learning more about K9NW, you can go to the K9 Nose Work website or NACSW™ (National Association of Canine Scent Work), the national governing body.

If you'd prefer online courses, you can visit my Joyride K9 Online Education site to see what is being offered!

Amy Herot (NACSW/K9NW Co-Founder) and I have also teamed up to manufacture and sell products for K9NW through All Good Dogs, LLC. We supply all the odors for official K9 Nose Work Trials.

If you're looking for K9NW training, I recommend finding a
Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI or ANWI)

Kim & Emmy, making history
with the first NW3 and first NW3 Elite titles!
(Sprite's Entertaining Choice SchH3 NW3 Elite MX MXJ MJB OF SG TM PC +CGC)
(Photo by Olga Maderych, Gadabout photography)

For more K9 Nose Work information: kim@joyridek9.com

Last Updated 11/10/2019

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